What Sets Us Apart

We believe that good publicity is more than just a front-page story. We want your name on the tip of everyone’s tongue and in the front of their minds. To do this we help you become a part of the conversation by participating in events, becoming a key business in your neighborhood, building strategic partnerships, and of course getting some of that coveted “ink” both online and off.

We will tell your story in as many ways and to as many people as we can. It’s your story that sets you apart from the pack and it’s our approach to getting it told that sets us apart.

Where It All Started

Kate Ellison founded Ellison Media Group in 2002 as an independent advertising sales agency. After working with a variety of clients to push their businesses forward, she began to see a need to offer a wider array of marketing services. Kate kept coming into contact with restaurants, bars, spas, and retail businesses that needed more help promoting their businesses than ad placement alone.

It was about this time that Kate was introduced to Genevieve Robertson. At that time Genevieve was managing a restaurant in SOMA, but was looking to transition into a career that allowed her to use both her background in restaurants and her education in writing. After a few meetings over coffee Kate and Genevieve decided that combined their skills and personalities were greatly complimentary and they wanted take Ellison Media Group to the next level.

Today Ellison PR (formerly Ellison Media Group) has grown into a boutique public relations firm offering custom public relations and marketing campaigns that put your business on the tip of everyone’s tongue. Our select group of clients stretches the gamut from neighborhood bar to fine dining restaurant and boutique winery to imported spirits. Working with the unique characteristics and objectives of each client, we think creatively and strategically, to take your business to the next level.