Kate Ellison - kate@ellisonpr.com - 415.706.8191

An entrepreneur at heart, Kate has always been drawn to blazing her own path. Just a few years out of college she started her own catering company with the Seattle SuperSonics as one of her clients. From there it was into the relatively uncharted territory of selling small businesses on creating their own websites through Citysearch. Realizing the true sales force that she was Kate moved on to start her own advertising sales company and blossomed while working with her client base of both local and national businesses. She began to function as more than just a liaison between client and publication.

Genevieve Robertson - genevieve@ellisonpr.com - 415.846.2138

Taking her passion for food and wine, developed over 10 years in the restaurant industry, and combining it with her Master’s in Writing, Genevieve has found a mix of talent and passion that gives the client the perfect person to have on their side. She has a strong understanding of both the nuances of marketing a business and the work that goes into day-to-day operations. Quickly picking up on your unique needs Genevieve is able to find just the right approach to solving your needs. She brings a creative approach to communicating your vision based on an awareness of how both media and restaurants function.